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Rome for Jews is proud to offer the Absolute Best Italian Kosher Cooking Classes. We use only the freshest, Organic and Local ingredients straight from local farmers, Cheese and Wine makers. Choose from any of the following experiences:

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Tuscany is known for its fabulous landscapes, amazing artwork and architecture and its incredible charm. Yet there is only one place in Tuscany where all three of these elements combine effortlessly together and give life to a magical, romantic and absolutely one of a kind city: Florence.


Venice and its symbolic places are renown all over the world: St Mark's Square with its Campanile, the St Mark's Basilica and the Doge's Palace, the Rialto Bridge, its palaces and its churches, its canals and its streets (the “calli”), as well as its Carnival and its Historical Regatta, the Venetian glass and the Burano laces.


Naples is one of the most significant and most beautiful cities in Italy. It is known for its old and majestic architecture, monuments and fountains. Some of its landmarks are a thousand years old and are still preserved in their original condition.

Rome for Jews is happy to offer you only the best private drivers with luxury vehicles who will pick you up at your hotel in Rome and bring you back safely and comfortably in the evening.

For those who are on a tighter budget but don’t want to miss out on the experiences we offer, you can also travel from Rome to Naples with the High Speed Train – the ride is an hour and 10 minutes.
Upon your arrival in Naples, your guide and driver will be waiting to greet exactly where your train arrives to begin your day and then drive you back on time to the Naples Train station for your return trip to Rome.

Each tour gives you the opportunity to visit two or three of the most notable and charming sites of the region.

1) Day Trips from Rome to Pompeii – Sorrento – Positano
2) Day Trip from Rome to Herculaneum – Sorrento – Positano
3) Day Trip from Rome to Capri – Sorrento – Pompeii
4) Rome to Positano – Amalfi coast – Ravthese
5) Rome to Pompeii and Mt Vesuvius
6) Rome to Pompeii and Herculaneum


Drive along the Amalfi Coast Road, a narrow road that winds along the high cliffs above the most suggestive seaside. There you have the opportunity to take a lot of pictures of the panoramic and breathtaking views. You will also have free time to discover the village, walking through its narrow streets and shopping.


See Pompeii, the buried city, and discover how was life in Roman times thanks to our knowledgeable and experienced tour guides who take you through the most interesting sites of this ancient city. The best local tour guides in Pompeii take you through a fascinating journey back to the Roman Empire, when Pompeii and the Vesuvius Volcano area was the most beautiful resort in Italy.


Sicily is the biggest island in Italy and in the Mediterranean Sea, an amazing land rich in history and traditions, where art and culture intertwine with wonderful natural beauties. From the sea to the mountains and countryside, from the volcanos to the fishing villages, there are really many reasons why to visit Sicily. As Frederick II, King of Sicily, once said: “I don't envy God's paradise, because I'm well satisfied to live in Sicily”.

The Vesuvius mountain had always served as a backdrop to their city and daily activities and lifestyle without ever considering it a threat and certainly never imagining that it would one day be the cause of their end. Climbing Mount Vesuvius is a pleasant experience because it gives you the opportunity to admire the view of the vast territory that encloses the three provinces of Naples, Caserta and Salerno. Upon reaching the top, you can actually see the city of Pompeii, at that point we close our eyes and with a little fantasy to relive the reality of that time imagining what was the extraordinary power of the eruption that destroyed the city, only then you realize the extraordinary nature of what you are visiting.

Sorrento, with its quaint and narrow streets, the main square “Piazza Tasso” and the main street “Corso Italia”, are a mixture of art, culture and modernity. Three different periods that live in a perfect harmony, all this made, even more picturesque by the beautiful scenery of the coast that can be seen crossing the Sorrento peninsula on your way Sorrento.

Positano, the pearl of the Amalfi Coast and certainly not to be missed … Positano is a cliffside village and is a well-known holiday destination with a pebble beachfront and steep, narrow streets lined with boutiques and cafes. The “Sentiero degli Degli” hiking trail links Positano to other coastal towns. Enjoy the opportunity to discover smaller details of the Amalfi Coast. The glamour of Positano, built on the stretch of the cliffs of the Lattari mountains where you can see the genius of who built these houses, a tremendous feat of engineering. The alleys are the custodians of history and events where only passing through them can understand their importance and their significance.

Capri is easily accessible by hydrofoil from Naples or Sorrento. It is yet another of the pearls of the Mediterranean Sea and is visited yearly by the most famous yachts of the rich and famous from all over Europe. The winding narrow lanes are world famous for exclusive shopping and have become a sort of “catwalk” for the most fashionable.

Ravello is an aristocratic town and is world famous for its art and culture as well as numerous summer initiatives such as classical music concerts. Along the narrow streets of this medieval village you can admire the most beautiful buildings such as Palazzo Sasso, Villa Cimbrone, and Villa Ruffolo and appreciate the beauty of the frescoes and architecture.

Herculaneum is one of the most important and ancient towns bordering Naples. Over the centuries the Ruins have not lost their original character and vibe of a Summer Resort for the Rich and Aristocrats.

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We do not do the kind of uninformative “drive-through” bus tours where you snap photos through a car or bus window without ever truly experiencing the city. We do not work on the Sabbath, even if paid in advance. Touring on a Saturday afternoon might be a relaxing pleasure for a visitor, but for us it would be work and thus a profanation of Shabbat rest. We do not exchange dollars or traveler’s checks. We are not equipped to accept credit cards, dollars or traveler’s checks. In spite of the many urban legends and rumors, there is no secret side door to let you step directly inside the Sistine Chapel from the street, there is no way to arrange a private meeting over tea and cookies with either the Chief Rabbi or the Pope, and there is no proof that the Menorah and Kelim (the holy vessels from the Holy Temple) are in the basement of the Vatican. We will be very happy, of course, to show you the authentic representations of them in stone carved by the Romans 2,000 years ago.