About us

Rome for Jews is a Jewish cultural association dedicated to providing people of all backgrounds with an easier, more comfortable and more fulfilling stay in Rome. Our services are geared towards helping you spend your precious time more efficiently.


Who We Are

ROME FOR JEWS is proud to offer some of Rome’s best tours from a Jewish perspective. We are proud to tell you all the amazing Jewish history and stories in the Colosseum and Imperial Forums, in the Vatican and all over the historic center, not just in the old Ghetto area.


What We Do

We give our tours in fluent English, Hebrew, Italian and American Sign Language. Our guides are all articulate, knowledgeable, fun and passionately interested in Jewish, Roman and art history. Once we get to the tour sites, we do our tours on foot, as they are all in pedestrian zones, for reasons of archeology and security, and so we can make sure you don’t miss any of the great sights or stories that await you at every turn.


Jewish Perspective

For getting exactly the right hotel for you, arranging transportation, train tickets, kosher meals and catering, cell phones, Shabbat needs, and just about everything else, contact us at your convenience. We are proudly Shomer Shabbat (Sabbath observant) and donate 10% of all our proceeds to tzedaka (righteous charity).


Jeff and Estelle Dimand

Thanks so much for a most enjoyable and memorable experience. Our guide Andrea was fantastic! She had incredible stories, showed us pictures and facts to highlight the sights we were visiting and was overall just a wealth of information. She highlighted art, history and the Vatican in a way that was easy to understand while at the same time intriguing and exciting. I will highly recommend your association to friends and clients alike.

Margaret and Daniel Retter

We could actually feel the Rome of the past in todays times. Naor also had so many funny tales about Historical Romans of the past, and so we were able to remember the stories as we walked in the piazzas by ourselves. We were sorry when the day was over.  

Claire and Stuart Hershkowitz

We have been back in Israel for a few days, and we wanted to thank you for the fabulous tours of Rome. We learned so much and had a great time also! My kids can't stop talking about all the things they saw and experienced. My youngest son won an argument yesterday with one of his friends about the meaning and origin of the name 'Nike.' I know we'll always remember this trip, so thank you again.

Happy Travellers